fevereiro 06, 2007

New global TV ad campaign on climate change

Urgent: Climate Wake Up Call!

Dear friends,

We've seen it all around us: droughts, hurricanes, weird weather and wild storms. Then last week, a major new report by over 2000 climate scientists ended all debate: climate change is real- we've caused it- and its impact will be catastrophic unless urgent action is taken.

Our leaders can stop this, but they've been too slow to act. This week, we're launching a global TV ad campaign on 3 continents to wake world leaders up to the disaster we're facing. Click below to watch our TV ad on our new website and sign the petition calling for urgent action now.

Experts agree: we are fast approaching the point of no return. If the world's temperature rises by even 2 degrees Celsius the consequences for life on earth will be devastating.

This problem can be solved. We need a new international agreement that commits countries to major emission cuts, and drives a global shift to renewable energy. This will require bold political action -- and not just by one or two countries.

Climate change is a global problem that requires global action. It is time for people around the world to send a global wake up call to our leaders - before it is too late.

The leaders of the world's most polluting countries will be meeting in Germany this June. The priorities for this summit are being decided right now.

Public awareness of the climate threat around the world is reaching fever pitch. Now the argument is over - it's time to focus our energy on building a global movement to make our leaders act. Watch our TV ad and add your voice to the wake up call:

It's not too late to protect our planet - but the moment is now. Please sign the petition, post it on your blog or favourite listserve, forward this email to your friends and family - and tell everyone you know.

Alone, we can't stop this disaster. But if we act together today, 2007 could become the year we took the first step to save the world.

With hope,

Ricken, David, Iain, Andrea, Jeremy, Rachel, Tom, Hannah, Paul, Lee-Sean, Galit, Graziela, Nicole and the whole Avaaz.org team (formerly the CeasefireCampaign.org team)

PS - In an online poll last year, nearly a thousand of you helped choose a great new name for our global campaigning effort - Avaaz means "voice" or "song" in many Asian languages. The new site is now up in 10 languages so check it out!

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Graziela disse...

Obrigado por ajudar a divulgar nossa campanha!

Gostaria de dizer que já temos todas as informações em portugês no site, inclusive essa mensagem que vocês postarem.

Que ótimo achar um blog com valores e ideais iguais aos nossos! Por favor entrem em contato: graziela@avaaz.org.